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Up to date news on The Monkees

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Central location for Monkees news on LJ

Welcome to Monkees_News! This is a premier LJ community for those of you who are LJ fans. This community and its content are accessible by membership only.

Aside from news, whenever there is no news, the community will remain active by offering its members various other rarities such as bootleg tracks or a rare photo from a magazine that has otherwise not been unpublished online.

I hope you enjoy the community and don't forget to tell your friends!

Additional Information/Rules

*Only members may post/view entries.

*Entries should not be made public. The community is set to "members only". Any public entries will be deleted and re-entered by the community owner for members only. There is currently no setting to simply switch from public to members entry.

* If you do not currently have an LJ account you have two choices, you can sign up just to access this community or you can go visit Pleasant Valley to get much the same content in a forum setting if you prefer not to join LJ. This community was primarily designed as a matter of convienence for those of you who currently have an LJ account and perhaps do not wish to join the forums.

* Flamming is NOT tolerated in this community! I repeat, Flamming will NOT be tolerated! If you want to be snarky about everything go do it at alt.music.monkees or MonkeeLand. Not here. This is an exclusive premier community, not your average garbage pit for whatever happens to land here.

* When posting news items, please DO NOT update that news item in the comments section. If the item becomes outdated, please delete it and post a NEW entry so that the item will be on the front page for everyone to see. If the older article is still relevant, please just link to it from the new post. We want to keep things looking neat, clean and orderly around here and not have too much clutter.


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